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Valentine’s Day Nail Art – Love At Your Fingertips!!

Valentine’s Day Nail Art – Love At Your Fingertips!!

valentines-dayIt’s February, the most romantic month of the year! Whether you’re walking down the streets, window shopping at the mall or simply flipping through magazines, signs and colors of love are everywhere. From heart shaped balloons, candies, romantic decors, candles or sexy lingerie, there is romance in the air. Celebrate with someone special or with your loved ones and if you’re single, it’s double fun! Let’s kick start the Valentine celebration with some fun and beautiful nail arts.


1. Hello Valentine

Hello Valentine
Source: Instagram user beautyinspirationista

It’s time to give your nails a Valentine’s makeover! This cute and oh-so-pretty nails is as much fun to create. Just paint your nails a white polish, let them dry and then draw little pink hearts on each nails. Now just dip the art tool in a black polish, outline the hearts and dot all over. Polka dots and hearts is a combination for the sweet Betty personalities, always charming and adorable.

2. Spread some Love

Spread some Love
Source: Instagram user pebblesandpolish

Meticulous drawings of little hearts and words of love against a bright red color, sprinkle of glitters subtly done-this nail art has Valentine’s day written all over it. Patience and precision are the key, so it’s best to get it done from a professional nail salon.

3. Animal Love

Animal Love
Image source: instagram user annatea_13

Animal prints are fascinating and for some, a fashion staple. Bring on your fierce and bold attitude to your nails. How? Simply by sneaking in cute little hearts into your favorite animal pattern. Wild and romantic, get ready to roar!

4. Shades Of The Heart

Shades of the Heart

From the lovely color-block to the peek-a-boo effect, it’s a nail art with a modern touch. All you need is three shades of nail paint (preferably red/pink toned) that compliments yet creates a good contrast. Start with the lighter shade and move to the darker tone as you reach the tip of your nails.

5. Goth Romance

Goth Romance

A Goth themed art with its creative finery out in full play, ‘stunning’ is what best defines this nail art. Detailed and artistic designs are sketched over with dark black paint over the nails painted with white base, and topped with an ombre effect. The finishing touch is a tiny heart in bright and contrast red.

6. Nautical Love

Nautical Love

It’s time to get nauti-cal! Flaunt the ever popular blue and white striped pattern on your nails or one nail to be precise. Give the adjoining nail a pretty sparkle bling and paint the rest a bright pop of red. If you’re ready to get fancier, draw a cute heart on the striped nail and voila! It’s pretty nautical nails.

7. Pin-Up Valentine

Pin-up Valentine
Image source:

A trend which has always managed to find takers even today is the retro, white on red polka dot look. It is trendy, sexy and perfect for a romantic Valentine’s theme. And while you’re at it, give one nail on each hand a clean white base and draw an eye-catching heart. That’s what we call a pretty pin-up doll nail-art!

8. Simple At Heart

Simple at Heart

‘You were born to be real, not perfect’. Perfection is, in fact, an exaggeration. No one is perfect, no heart can be perfect. And that’s why this carelessly drawn white hearts against the dark blue nail paint makes so much sense! It’s effortless, serene and so beautiful.

9. Love Birds

Love Birds

If simple and classy be your kind of personality, the French manicure, most probably, is your ultimate nail treatment. This Valentine’s month, why not add a beautiful twist to the popular nail paint? Get a vague black branch drawn over the nails in continuation, with two little love birds resting on one of the branches (or nail to be precise). Then let two tiny red hearts complete the subtle and artsy nail art.

10. Graphic Love

Graphic Love

For ya’ll lovers of graphical and geometric shapes, this minimalistic nail art is a must-try. Three shades of nail colors – bright red, deep red, white and a top coat are all you need. The art is simple and easy to create, but the end result is a sophisticated statement maker.

What do you say, ready to get love on your fingertips?

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