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Vibes of Velvet

Vibes of Velvet

Velvet has been the chosen material for traditional costumes in India since the Mogul era. Its irresistible softness and characteristic texture is a luxury addition to any wardrobe. Velvet originated in Baghdad and has undergone massive evolution over the decades. This plush fabric looks grand on men and women alike. It is similar to diamonds, polished and opulent, only more affordable.

Vibes of Velvet

Ethnic wear designers seem to be struck by the velvet charm since the past two years. As we are in the festive season, the hype is rebuilding all over again. Gleaming sarees with velvet borders, heavily decorated velvet purses, lehengas, suits and even footwear lined in velvet have been doing the rounds. The fabric is particularly popular among brides to be who wish to look like a princess look in luxurious folds on the wedding day.

Velvet in Indian Attire

velvet in Indian attire
Using velvet in Indian attire enhances its very essence. High neck velvet blouses with exquisite embroidery and mirror work, sheer synthetic materials with velvet ornamentation or patch work, Pakistani kurtas with huge velvet wraps all amounts up to an ultimate style of clothing that reflects romance and mystery!

Matching a velvet dress with the perfect ornaments is fun. The look and feel of the material hints at a subtle absence of something that is not even meant to be there in the first place! This illusory appeal can be further enhanced with the use of contrasting colors, surprising twists and bold experiments.

Jute and velvet

Jute and velvet shoes and bag
It might sound unusual but this fusion of stiff and mellow can lead to very beautiful aesthetics. The rustic texture of jute combined with the sophisticated surface of velvet reflects a unique personality altogether. Handbags and shoes in this combination are the ideal picks. Try a velvet lehenga with jute patchwork or a velvet blouse with jute collar! However, if jute gets too stiff for you, try net or wool as an alternative.

Jwellery for the elegant look

velvet sarees and suits
Velvet sarees and suits decorated with gems add that extra touch of Indianness by adding to the traditional style. Go minimal on the jewelry to keep it balanced and a carry a big but sober clutch that goes well with it.


Luxury compliments luxury. Go eco friendly and opt for artificial ivory bangles and neck pieces to flaunt your velvet clothing gracefully.

Royal Sotnes

Royal Blue
On the flip side, an ivory coloured velvet dress matched with royal blue accessories and heavy earrings can create a very calm yet catchy look.

Other options

Silver jewellery
Pearls and Silver jewellery look best with velvet ethnic wear but if your dress is embroidered with gold or zari work, stick to golden and yellow metal ornaments.

From the west

From the west
Take inspiration from high end designers and perk up your style. Jeans in velvet, hats in velvet and whites in velvet are some stunning options to look for. Dark velvet western wear like skirts, delectable body con dresses, blazers paired up with velvet boots, scarves, gloves and head bands would be an instant make over. Way different from the fabrics that are usually used, the velvet magic would make you feel beautiful from within. The Fall2014 trends have displayed some of the most desirable velvet collections of cocktail gowns, skirt suits, gloves and shrugs by Emporio Armani, Elie Saab, Jason Wu among others.

Velvet is warm and cozy. Opting for clothes in velvet can also serve the purpose of keeping you comfortable yet stylish during a function. It is always a good idea to look for new designs in traditional velvet clothes. Invest in pieces that have dimension. Combinations like Georgette and velvet, cotton and velvet, silk and velvet etc create variety within one set of clothes and in your wardrobe too.

It is important to remember that however attractive the fabric might be, it is equally heavy. If you prefer a lighter garment then go for sarees and suits which have velvet only on the edges and hemlines. Trimmings create a measured charm while being minimalistic yet trendy. From a regular wear to a fabric meant just for the royal families to modern day urban fashion, velvet has come a long way. It is for anyone and everyone who is in love with its evergreen charisma!

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