Knuckle Rings
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Knuckle rings, memory rings or midi rings, they have many times, but they are still the small bands you wear above your first knuckle. What really matters is that today, it has become a must have accessory piece! They are a great way to add some texture to your accessorizing game, are cheap in pricing, and even if you pile on a few of them, they are sure to your style some edge and flare. They are also known as phalanx rings, stacked rings, or multiple finger rings. These rings first became famous in Brazil, then a craze in New York, and are slowly also catching up with bloggers now!

How To Wear Them?

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing traditional or western clothing, these rings go well on all sorts of clothes alike. They are easy to wear as well, look great, delicate and bold at the same time.

How to wear knuckle rings

You can throw in these rings and rock them with just about any outfit, from sporty chic to super glam as well! It’s a simple accessory which is unique at the same time!
How to wear

You could go for plain bands or simple circles with heart or flower shapes for a delicate look.
Heart or flower shapes

Can’t give up on bold statement jewelry? Pile some simple ones on, or choose statement designs which will look super posh and quite rock ‘n’ roll, depending on your outfit.
Nail polish and knuckle rings

Throw in some nail polish, and your hands will have a party of their own!


1. Plain Multi Bands

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An occasion is not needed for these rings, they can look perfect even if worn in the simplest ways. They look great and also don’t take away the attention from your outfit. Make your style a little more interesting by stacking these up on various fingers, like in the photograph above.

An assortment of metals in also a great idea to try on this trendy accessory. Gold, silver and rose-gold are three of the main metals available for you to experiment with! It’s so amazing to see the immediately effect these rings have on your entire look without grabbing too much attention.

2. Chain Connected Knuckle Rings

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A boho inspired look would be better than ever if you accessorize it with chain connected knuckle rings. The connection can be between two rings on different fingers or two rings on the same finger. The chain shouldn’t be too tight nor too loose, and should be of the same metal as the rings. A dark nail paint would go a long way in making your hands look amazing as the focus then turns towards the sparkly rings.

3. Bow Style Knuckle Rings

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The one all-time favorite design of most women is a bow, it can be on their clothes, shoes, hairbands and even jewelry! A bow design on a knuckle rings adds a great sophisticated and feminine charm which other designs rarely can. If you want to give out girly vibes, then this is definitely your best bet!

4. Letter Knuckle Rings

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In this era of personalization, what better than knuckle rings with your first name alphabets written on them? These rings can have just your initials, or even your full name if it’s a short one. Not just the name, but even words like love and care can look quite good when made through knuckle rings.

5. Chevron Knuckle Rings

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As long as you have a V formed by your ring, you have the chevron style on point! Experimenting with different metals for each ring is quite fun here, and looks great as the rings look best when piled behind one another. The whole effect of parallel design is what makes these rings click!

6. Bling Ring Knuckle Rings

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All the statement accessories need not be in the form of earrings, necklaces and shoes, because Hola, Blingy knuckle rings are here! Accessorize your fingers with rings adorned with pearls, gemstones, rhinestones, and see how you grab all the eyeballs in no time.

So which kind of knuckle rings did you like the best? Do let us know in the comments section below along with other styles that you happen to know of!

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