What dress to wear to work?

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If you take a virtual stroll in your favorite store, you will mostly see a “wear-to-work section,” which is filled with pants, shirts, dresses and other items. But which are the pieces that you really need when you are starting to create a closet of work cloth options?

Black pants

You have hit the snooze on your alarm a bit too many times and you are now running to get out of the door and have absolutely no time to go through five or six different outfits before deciding on what to wear. In this case and any other case in which you need an instant option, the answer is black pants.

Pencil skirts

A pencil skirt is a narrowly tailored skirt which hits right around the knee and sounds like a ho-hum piece of clothing till you have started considering all the patterns, textures and varieties that can be possible with the pencil skirt. This skirt can be worn with a matching blazer which is part of a suit or as a separate component.

Neutral, classic shoes

When you pick your shoes they do not have to be a heel. Instead, it should actually be whatever you are comfortable in walking and that matches most of your wardrobe. It should also be suitable for the climate that you live in. A flat or a heel that is almost plain and not boring, plain is just what you need to keep in mind.


Anyone who is a fashion-savvy professional will tell you how amazing blazers are. Whether it is because of the Monday and the office will be extremely cold or because it is Friday and you will need to stylishly cream your casual look, a blazer can solve a large number of fashion problems.

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