Ghagra-and-LehengaTalking about the latest trends in Indian womenswear, the beautiful ghagra choli, more popularly known as lehenga, has gained massive popularity. So much that, this vibrant three-piece garment has started giving the famous saree, a stiff competition. It might seem surprising to many, but a huge portion of the lehenga cholis produced in the country are actually exported to UK and other European countries. Let’s get to know something more about the beautiful lehenga choli.

Difference Between Lehenga And Ghagra Choli

Though the terms lehenga and ghagra choli are often used synonymous-ly, there are slight differences between the two. Ghagra choli is understood as referring the traditional wear while the lehenga is a modern, contemporary version.

Ghagra CholiGhaghra Choli

  • Ghagra choli is worn both as daily and festive wear by women in the States of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir. Some refer to the ghagra choli as chaniya choli
  • Even in South India, one will notice that their traditional half saree is quite similar to the ghagra choli. Kids and teenage girls wear the pattu pavadai or langa davani that is much like the gaghra but without a dupatta
  • The traditional Ghagra Choli ensemble consists of a skirt, choli (blouse) and a dupatta or odhni or chunni
  • The overall design of this outfit differs according to the occasion. For daily wear, it is usually made of printed or tie dyed cotton fabric. The shape of the skirt is A-line or straight with a slight flare; even panelled skirts are quite common. The choli is half sleeved and the hem line covers the waist, much like a kurta
  • When it comes to festive and bridal wears, the fabric will often be rich silk, brocade, organza or flowy chiffon. Such ghagra cholis will feature elaborate embroidery, embellishments or sequinned works. Unlike the loose fitted design for daily wear, the festive styles are more fitted and stylized. The dupatta has a luxurious look and the skirt or ghagra is designed to give a beautiful flare
  • Ghaghra

  • Interestingly, in many cultures, the flare of the ghagra is specific to the occasion. Take for example in Gujarat, the chaniya cholis of the women performing the garba or dandiya raas during the Navratri festivals. Their chaniya or skirts will have dramatic flares to give their swirling dance movements are more captivating look. It is said that their chaniyas should be atleast 9 metres wide!


  • Lehenga cholis or lehenga, on the other hand, are more fashionable and modern, seemingly inspired from the traditional ghagra choli
  • Lehengas are mostly bridal and festive wears, thus they feature elborate zari, zardosi, mirror or stone work. There are no specific designs – the skirts can be flared, mermaid, straight, A-line, ruffled, etc. It is not even mandatory to have a dupatta, the latest designs actually have the lehenga choli resembling a skirt and top
  • Besides the shape of the skirt, it is the type of blouse that makes for an interesting look. A lot of Indian designers are experimenting with the look of the lehenga choli
Modern Twist to Indian Lehengas: Contemporary Lehenga Designs

Check out some of the most stunning and eye-catching lehenga designs:

1. Lehenga With JacketsLehenga with jackets
Beautiful lehenga skirts with structured jackets make for an elegant, no-nonsense and power dressed yet beautiful combination.

2. Lehenga With Long TopsLehenga with long tops
Instead of the skirt, the long tops are given heavy embellishments, embroidery or prints for a graceful and glamorous theme.

3. Lehenga With Crop TopsLehenga with crop tops
Fun, playful and effortless, the beautiful lehenga skirts are paired with trendy crop tops. It’s the choice of the crop top that can change the look from innocent to flirty, subtle to bold or casual to festive.

4. Lehenga With Bra-let And Short TopsLehenga with bra-let and short tops
Giving the lehenga skirts a sultry appeal are stylish bra-lets, which are often used in contrast colors for more oomph factor. Sheer, semi-transparent cover-ups look stunning against vivid colorful bra-lets.

5. Unconventional LehengasUnconvetional lehengas
Who would have thought that ponchos and waistcoats could be paired with lehenga skirts? And they look darn good, check out for yourself!

So what does your personality say – the beautiful traditional ghagra choli or a modern lehenga? It’s best when the wearer plays with her looks, adds her distinctive style and stretches her creativity. As for us, we’re in the mood for some mix and match, something traditional yet modern!

“Create your own unique style, it will always be in.”

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