Girl-in-denimWith fashion trends changing ever so quickly, our wardrobes are often stuffed with items that will become needless by the next season. But the basics, the must-have style essentials will never go out of style. So let’s go back to the basics, pick our trusty pair of jeans and decode how to stay right on trend with – the right pair of shoes! A fashionista should always know which shoes to wear with what jeans, isn’t it?

1. Boot Cut Jeans


  • With its classic shape and cut, boot cut or flared jeans has been and will be around for long time. To choose the perfect pair, keep the length and rise in mind. High waist with its length covering the top of your shoes. A shorter length will make it appear as if you’ve outgrown your jeans. A longer length will eat up your shoes!
  • Thick heeled shoes like wedges, platform and ankle boots flatter its bell bottom silhouette
  • Boot cut jeans tend to gather up at the bottom, so steer clear from flats and opt for chunky heels
2. Straight Cut Jeans


  • An easy style to wear, straight cut jeans help create an illusion of long slender legs. Such jeans can be paired with almost any type of top or blouse, and the same stands true with shoes as well
  • Stilettos, Pumps, ballets, oxfords or sandals, almost everything looks good with straight cut jeans
3. Boyfriend Jeans


  • Relaxed, comfy and super stylish, boyfriend jeans are a hot trend right now.
  • These jeans surprisingly go very well with dressy heels as they do with sporty sneakers. Just cuff the bottoms and slip into your favourite glam heels
  • Even ankle boots and cage heels with its contrast style complement boyfriend jeans
  • What you do need to avoid in heels is wedges. Because boyfriend jeans tend to make the hips appear broader and legs shorter. As such wedge shoes further bulks up the silhouette
4. Skinny Jeans


  • Perhaps one of the easiest styles to wear, skinny jeans go well with almost every type of footwear. Ballets, sandals, stilettos, pumps, strappy heels, sneakers or loafers, pick any footwear that catches your fancy
  • But what we do like them best with-are knee high boots for an edgy, glam factor. Skinny jeans are the only pair of jeans that flatter knee length boots, so make the best use of it!
5. Denim Shorts


  • When it comes to summer fashion, denim shorts are easy, fun to accessorize and hardly ever go out of trend. Our tip to picking the right style is – opt for high waist cuts with a good fit
  • Going to the beach? Pair your shorts with sandals or gladiator flats. And for a sporty punk look, sneakers are the shoes to wear
  • Biker boots will lend an edgy rocker chic appeal while stylish high heels will make you look glamorous sleek.
  • Seeking for comfort? We like them with ballets and wedge heels as well
  • Meanwhile, classic loafers and moccasins bring out that old school, classy cool style
6. Ankle Length Or Cuffed Jeans


  • Take advantage of its length to flaunt your most stylish pair of shoes. Ankle length jeans look great with ballets, gladiator flats, slip on sneakers and pumps as much as they do with pointed stilettos
  • What we do like them is best with caged stilettos and strappy heels in bold colors
  • If you don’t want to crop your trousers into ankle length, just roll them into cuffs to stay on trend
7. Culottes Or Gaucho Jeans


  • Culottes are back it trend and how! The best thing about gaucho jeans is that they let your play around with the shoes
  • Think of culottes more like a flared, A-line skirt rather than a pair of trousers. Which shoes would you pair with them? That’s right, heels! They don’t have to be ultra high, kitten heels work well too
  • Thick heeled platforms and open toed chunky heels look great with denim culottes
  • Mid-rise or high-rise pants are the best bet for culottes. Do make sure that the top or bodice is fitted so as to balance the proportion

The key to finding the right pair for your favourite pair of jeans or vice versa is balance. It’s always fun to play around with looks when you hit the right silhouette proportion.

Published by Nivedita Longjam

Nivedita is a fashion designer, freelance writer and a computer enthusiast. She believes in the 'Zen' teachings of life that sadly, goes out the window half the time. For the remaining half, a warm cup of tea and the company of good books, good music and her adorable pets help her stay Zen like.

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