What To Wear On Godh Bharai?

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What Is Godh Bharai?

One of the best news a family can get is the arrival of a child in the house. With this news come a lot of ceremonies to follow as well, of which one of them is the Godh bharai (गोद भराई) ceremony, which is the Indian version of a baby shower. The ceremony welcomes the unborn child into the family and is also a way of blessing the mother to be with the beautiful joys of motherhood. ‘Godh bharai’ (गोद भराई) literally means fill the lap. It is performed usually in the 7th or 9th month of pregnancy as chances of termination of the baby are low.

Also known asValaikaapu or Seemantham or Srimantha. Godh Bharai literally mean “filling of the lap”

How Godh Bharai Is Performed?

Godh Bharai Function
Some rituals in different parts of the country may differ, but the basic essence of the event remains the same. The mother to be is usually dressed up in a special saree and adorned with jewelry and flowers. She is also given a lot of gifts, by ‘filling her lap’ with fruits, sweets and laying out her favorite food for her as well. Sometimes, bangles, cash and clothes are also given to her.

There is singing, dancing, and quite some teasing done as well. There are games played to guess the gender of the baby by measuring the size and shape of her belly. This is primarily a women only gathering and in olden times would involve only family members but in recent times, even friends of the mother are invited.

What Does The Mother-To-Be Wear?

Wear Saree or Anarkali
Keep in mind that comfort is also one of the factors to be considered for mother-to-be, so avoid anything heavy. Usually this function one should wear saree with jewelry. This lets her stomach breathe a little due to the saree not covering it completely.

She can also wear a traditional Punjabi suit or an anarkali as these are comfortable options too. Whatever she wears, it should be worn kept in mind that it should not be very tight around the stomach area and that she would be able to sit comfortably in it as mostly the mother-to-be is made to sit on the floor on a nice carpet. Hence, she should not have to make too much effort to get up or sit down in whatever she chooses to wear.

Saree Options For Godh Bharai

Saree for Godh Bharai
The saree is usually elaborate with embellishments and elaborate borders, the pallu is also sometimes draped over her head. Embellishments and borders are a must, she should look glowing in whatever she wears. In no way should she look plain.

The Saree Draping Style

Different style of draping a saree
The pallu can be draped in different ways, like the Gujrati style or the ulta pallu where it completely covers the stomach, this is a comfortable option. Other options can be a lehenga saree where you don’t have to tuck in anything into the petticoat as the lower part of the saree is like a skirt itself.

Make sure that the drape is not too revealing, let it cover the stomach portion to a good extent.

If you are going for the traditional saree drape, then let the pallu surround both your shoulders from behind and come in front. The sarees can be in light fabrics like Georgette, chiffon, silk, net as the adorning of jewelry, flowers will make her feel heavy anyway.

Anarkali And Punjabi Suit For Godh Bharai

Anarkali or Punjabi suit for Godh Bharai
Both of the above are very comfortable outfits to be worn on this occasion, however avoid the anarkali from being floor length as you do not want to trip over it by mistake. Let it cover half of your lower leg and it should be enough. Punjabi suit is a less elaborate option but if it is in a rich color, fabric and accessorized well, then that works as well!

Jewellery Options For Godh Bharai

Jewelry options
The maang tikka, earrings, bangles and necklace are usually worn by any mother-to-be during godh bharai. Other jewelry can be armlet, payal, rings. Jewelry can be kept less elaborate as it will hardly be seen after the mother-to-be is adorned with flowers. Necklaces can be a choker and a long chain, or either one of them, it is completely her choice.

Mehendi is another must-have for the future mom. For fun, she can also call some mehendi artists to put the same for the guests as well.

Floral decorations for Godh Bharai

Floral decoration for Godh Bharai
The flower garlands that the mother-to-be is showered with can be head bands, haars, bracelets, armlets. Only one must have, they should all be made fully of flowers. Flowers can also be used to decorate the entire area where the ceremony is being held.

What Colours to wear for Godh Bharai

Colours to wear for Godh Bharai

Traditional colors like red and yellow are normally popular and are considered auspicious colors. But you could also go for Colors like bronze, copper, pink, maroon, golden as they give a very joyful look to the wearer.

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